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Six Months of Adventures in Review

As we get ready to continue our adventures, here is a look back at the wonderful six months we have just been blessed to experience:

So after visiting all these destinations, how has that changed my definition of home?

Whether soaking up the sun on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, wandering through the Alps of Austria, or exploring the fjords of Norway, I am home.

The universe is my home. My body is my home. Nature is my home. Kind people are my home.

My heart fills with the warmth of home through each encounter with the souls I am grateful enough to call friends and family.

My heart is at home when I remember to see others through the eyes of the soul.

The boundaries we cling to so tightly dissolve as we see realize that humanity is just one large mirror that reflects every unique individual. It reflects our collective strengths and weakness and the stories that we have told ourselves about who we have been, who we are and who we choose to be.

The piece of art we create together is indeed an ever-changing creation, a process in which we all participate together.

& as we open our hearts, we may catch a glimpse of the essence that connects us all.

There is no place where I end and the world begins. There is no place where you end and I begin.

Beyond these bodies we are blessed to inhabit, beyond the minds through which we can birth ideas and concepts to life, beyond our stories, beyond that which seemingly separates us, we simply are - Wonderfully Human.

As we laugh together, embrace one another, and as we feel kindness and compassion flowing through our veins, the boundaries momentarily dissolve. We lose ourselves. We lose ourselves to re-emerge into the wholeness, into the incomplete completion of it all.

We become opportunity personified.

We step into that space where electrons and quarks dance together with the forces of nature to collapse fields of possibility into matter and turn dreams into realities.

As we explore the world outside, we can’t help but add to the depth of the world inside. There is no way for any of us not to evolve, not to grow, not to expand the universe beyond what it has been - all simply through the living out of our lives.

If life is our target, we are in luck, because life is so vast and so deep we can’t miss.


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