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Who Are These Silly Traveling Souls?

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We are Simi & Subby, two silly puppies thirsty for adventure. We long to drink in every moment of this life fully while exploring the beauty of our planet and the wondrous diversity of its people and cultures. 

Since the start of our travels in April 2019 we have been blessed to visit fourteen countries in Europe, spending only a day or two in some and weeks or months in others.

From shoveling manure, pulling endless weeds, tilling land on mountain slopes, installing light fixtures, restoring old furniture, caring for quails, ducks, chickens and cats, to picking stinging nettles in the rain, we have tasted the excitement and fulfillment of traveling as Workawayers.

Through these work exchanges, we are always developing wonderful new friendships, expanding our skills, and constantly learning and growing through immersion in each culture we get to become part of for a few weeks.

We hope that this journey can be as much yours as it is ours.
Through seeing glimpses of the world through our pictures, we hope you may 
remember what it was like to marvel at the little things in life, to stand in awe of nature's magnificence, to realize humanity's countless similarities despite our differences, and to perhaps catch a glimpse of the beauty that lies inside you.

Grab our beautiful book for some travel inspiration and soul nourishment:
"You Are Essential: 101 Reminders of Your Magnificence"

Simi's Corner of Random Thoughts

(more of Simi's random writings are currently posted on her website or as captions on Instagram or articles on )

We don’t dream big enough.

We hold ourselves back and succumb to the limitations of the mind.

What makes me feel most alive?

It is dwelling in these words right now.

If I die today, would I have left with some sort of influence on the world?

If I die today, what is left unfulfilled deep in my soul?

What message do I want my life to be to the world?

Because every moment of my life is a message.

I want it to be one of a silly and childish kind of joy.

One of a reverence and love for life itself.

To never lose that sense of wonder.

To stand in awe of every sunset.

To watch in amazement as the squirrels jump from tree to tree without falling.

To stare up at the night sky and get lost in its starry vastness.

To feel every cell within my body playfully doing its work of keeping this earthly house alive and fresh.

To look at other humans and see the miracles that they are,

not just when they are babies, but when they are full grown adults,

complete with their beautiful so-called mistakes and failures
etched into the fabric of their being along with
their most thrilling wins and successes.


To simply wander around the world,

no particular goal in mind but for the joy of the journey itself.

And when inspiration arises,

to let it flow through me so that perhaps my words can ignite a spark

within a fellow soul to explore the depths of their own self.

If I die today I want the world to realize
that kindness matters,

that there is always hope

and that we must not be afraid to realize our dreams.

That we have all made mistakes

and some of us have been harder on ourselves than we should have been

but that it is ok to move past it all

and feel the space of possibility that is contained in every moment of now.

If we let the past and failures define us,

we would not advance forward very fast.

Mornings are my time of bliss.

The light returning to my corner of the planet and the birds cheerfully chirping their songs to welcome another day.

Another day. Will it have mattered?

This is it.

This is what I live for.

Every second tinged with hope. With presence.

I no longer want to rush towards death.

No longer strive for some future moment.

This here is what I live for.

To be comfortably immersed in each moment, in each word.

To share my smiles, to share my laughter,
to share my sense of awe
and stop apologizing for daring to live so differently.

It is no secret that I march to the rhythm of my own drum,

that I do not mind straying from the ordinary.

Perhaps I have finally come to peace with the understanding

that we are all unique creations whose inner flames

are all sparked by something different.

And that it is futile to try to live up to the world’s vision of what we should be.

The world is a better place when choose to follow our own light.


No amount of action could compare to the impact

we have when we are living fully from our hearts.

Only as we allow our light to emanate do we give permission

for others to do the same.

And I now give myself permission to do that.
To be as I am.

To stand naked and raw in front of the universe,

letting it lead this beautiful dance of life
and committing to letting others see the world
through these eyes of wonder and hope.

For it is the pulsating fabric of love

that runs through the cosmos and connects us

as the one human family that we are.

As we see the soul in another,
we naturally light more flames

to help re-create this world
in the highest 
version of the highest vision
we ever held about ourselves.


Because we are the world.

And have always been.   

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