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Celebrating the Cows Coming Home

A beautiful tradition takes place every fall in many Alpine villages across Europe. Around the end of August and beginning of September, the cattle that feed high up on the Alpine pastures during the summer start coming back down to the valleys for the winter.

Right before they depart their pastures high up in the Alps, the cows are adorned with elaborate wreaths and headdress full of colorful flowers and ribbons. As they make their way through the village in a parade, the clanging of their large bells alerts all to their arrival. Locals and tourists alike come out to enjoy these sights, many dressed up in traditional German clothing - liederhosen and dirndls. The beer flows joyfully as the brass bands play on the streets while the locals sing along and dance. The smell of freshly fried schnitzels, potato cakes, and grilled sausages fills the air. Pretzels, home-made cakes, and schnaps (fruit brandy) also abound at every corner. It is a time when the community comes together to celebrate the season and the cows making it back down safely.

This is my favorite tradition in the entire Alp region. If you happen to find yourself in Austria, Bavaria, or parts of Switzerland in September, I highly recommend spending a Saturday participating in these festivities. It is called Almabtrieb or Viehscheid so if you want to find out when it is going on in a village near where you are staying, simply google "Almabtried in ____." If you enjoy being immersed in the true local culture, you will not be disappointed!

If only you could see yourself as magnificently as nature sees you, sweet soul.

Do you realize you're capable of so much more than you could even imagine?

Only the edges of your mind keep you caged into the possibilities of what you have known.

But there is a whole world out there once you set yourself free. The tree isn't afraid to shed its leaves as it trusts in its ability to grow new ones.

Just the same, you can shed your limiting beliefs and past hurts and let new leaves of possibility grow.

You are that which turns possibility into probability.

What possibility would you make more probable if you let go of your fears?


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