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GALLERY: The Bavarian Countryside

A beautiful Sunday morning hike near lake Tegernsee on my day off. The early morning bike ride to the train station was a treat in itself as the sun rose behind the misty Bavarian forest. The cows outside were enjoying their breakfast while I munched on a freshly-baked marzipan pastry as I enjoyed the scenery on the train ride to Tegernsee. From there, it was the most peaceful hour and a half hike uphill to Riederstein. There were barely any souls around on the way up in these early hours of the morning. The uphill climb rewarded me with wonderful panoramic views from the top of Riederstein. The Alps stretched out on one side while the whole Tegernsee lake was nestled down in the valley. As I made my way back down to the village, people passed by and warmly greeted me with their "Servus" or "Grüß Gott," greetings typical in Bavaria as well as in the Austrian Alps. Down by the lake, many families and couples were listening to the brass band that was playing under the small amphitheater. After exploring the streets of Tegernsee, I had lunch in the next village overlooking the lake before boarding the train back to my Workaway home.

You are an essential part of it all, sweet soul. The thick morning fog rising above these dew-kissed fields. The chilly September air that smells so sweet with wafts of fresh cut grass. The peaceful manner in which the cows' chow down their breakfast. Your morning breath. It's all life pulsating through the crevices of our being. In every moment. Stop. . Breathe it all out. Everything you've identified with, everything you've been clinging to, everything you've been worried about. You can pick it all back up in a minute..if you wish. But in the meantime, life is here. Your breathing won't stop no matter how hard you try. There is a reason for that. There is a reason you are here.

You are as essential to this world as the trees that give us oxygen. You are as essential to us as water is to plants.

That is why your next inbreath is inevitable. Because you are inexplicably necessary for life itself to experience itself in its full wonder. Be with that. Be with you. You are a marvel of existence. So be it.


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