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Slovakia is Stunning: The Proof is in the Pictures

You may have only heard of Slovakia in passing, but don't be fooled. The country's quaint landscapes of rolling hills with grazing sheep, peaceful villages, world renowned cheeses, and the kindest people make it one of the top hidden vacation spots in Europe. You only have to skim through these pictures to see just a tiny portion of the beauty that Slovakia offers.

The Village Life (Cernova village near Ruzomberok)

Tatra Mountains The Low and High Tatra Mountain ranges cover a large portion of the country. Slovakia's hiking trails are very well marked and easy to follow although one of my hikes there was definitely the toughest one I have ever done, climbing up extremely steep hills with tens of fallen trees along the way after marching through about a mile of really high grass.

Strbske Pleso Probably the most visited place in the country. No wonder with surroundings like these!

And lots more beauty everywhere you look!

Perhaps we love nature and beautiful places because the act of perceiving beauty resonates with our soul as it reminds us of the essence that everything is made of. Sometimes we can't find it inside and so we seek it outside, and as that which we perceive is a mirror back to us, we remember the ecstasy that radiates from such wonder - only we think it is the beauty that we see outside that evokes this, not realizing that if it wasn't part of us we would have no capacity to feel such love. & perhaps we seek to share this beauty to help other souls remember that there is beauty in every corner of the world and that it is not limited to that which is outside them... that we have magnificent bodies and minds and that together we can upgrade the human race to one as peaceful and calm as a sunny morning on a brightly colored hill in the Slovakian countryside.

❤ SO

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