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GALLERY: Colors of the Tuscan Countryside

The sound of crickets in the middle of the silent fields, the fresh smell of hay, vibrantly-colored sunrises and sunsets, and endless rolling hills dotted with large Tuscan estates...welcome to the Tuscan countryside! Just a few snaps from near the place where we were lucky to be staying during our Italian Workaway experience:

As if the magnificence of this world could be described as anything less than love. Love like the silence of the morning as the hot Tuscan sun rises behind the rolling green and yellow hills. Love like the sound of the crickets playing in the cool summer breeze deep in the night when the whole sky opens up and showers us with countless stars. Love like the kindness radiating from deep within our fellow earthlings' hearts. Love like the most amazing hearty meal brimming to the top with smiles and laughter with wonderful souls. Love like old medieval villages soaked in tradition. Love like the breath that lovingly keeps us in this physical form so we can soak up this beauty to the fullest. ❤ SO

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