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GALLERY: Austrian Alps' Awesomeness

Rugged and wild mountain peaks, fields of vibrant Alpine flowers, streams of fresh water from the glaciers, sounds of cowbells, steep climbs up winding paths, and eerie yet divine silence near the summits.

The Austrian Alps present awe and magnificence at every turn. Here is a collection of some of my favorite shots from my countless hikes through the area near Sankt Johann.

A gorgeous hike near Wilder Kaiser (from Sankt Johann):

Hikes from Sankt Johann up to the cable car station beneath Kitzbuhel Horn:

A day biking from Sankt Johann through Elmau to Schwarzsee:

And a mix of other random but worthy shots (photo credit to my awesome new friend and photographer Laure for the ones with me in it!):

The mountains are my refuge, for their wilderness resembles my own, the quiet stillness at the top brings me back to the deep stream of stillness within my innermost being, and the constantly shifting landscapes below shaped by the winds of change remind me of the impermanence of it all as we emerge out of the universe just to become one with it again.. this this breath. For that is all that ever will be.


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