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Amsterdam: City of Bikes, Canals, & Cannabis

Amsterdam was the final destination of our Transatlantic cruise and we had one extra day to explore it after we got off the cruise.

The absolute best way to see the city is on foot, getting lost in its canal-lined streets. While it is possible to rent a bike to blend in with the locals, there are simply way too many people on its narrow streets to where in my opinion, the bike-riding experience itself wouldn't be worth the constant slowing down and stopping.

Also known as "Venice of the North," Amsterdam has 165 canals at a total length of 50km or about 31 miles. There are a total of 1281 bridges in the city, with Magere Brug and Blauwbrug being the best-known (thanks

In additions to the canals, Amsterdam is known for the large number of bikes which has surpassed the city's (and the country's) population.

While the Netherlands has a population of 17 million, its bicycle population is at 22.5 million!

The city boasts 75 museums, some of the most noteworthy ones including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Rembrandt house.

Plenty of "coffee shops" line the busy streets of the city, offering tourists the experience of a wide variety of baked goods in addition to other Amsterdam-ish treats..yes you know what I mean. :-)

Every "man-made" object we see in this world is a manifestation of what started as an idea in someone's mind. What idea inside of you wants to be manifested so it can add even more beauty and wonder to the world, even if only to one person?

What passions and joys are beaming inside, waiting to be expressed? For human expression and mother nature dance hand in hand so we may never forget how intricately connected we are. We are the dancers of the cosmos just as a deeper part of us is watching the dance being played out, fully amazed by the imperfect perfection of it all.


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