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Bruges: A Belgian Beauty

Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Beers, Canals, Cobbled Streets, Belgian Waffles, Belgian Chocolate, Bustling Town Square, Old Bridges...oh and did I already mention Belgian Chocolate?

We had never heard of Bruges until we saw it as one of the potential shore excursions on our cruise itinerary during our stop in Belgium. Bruge is located in the northern part of Belgium, about an hour and a half from Brussels and about 30 minutes south of the port of Zeebrugge which is an important hub for fishing and European trade.

We initially did not expect much of Bruges but it pleasantly surprised us with its charm. This town is ideal for a half-day or a day visit as most of the center can be walked within a few hours. Chocolate stores, cute little pubs, and a few small breweries line the town's picturesque streets. What a perfect combination - chocolate for Simi and beers for Subby!

The Half Moon Brewery is a local brewery that offers tours next to its large pub area. We only had enough time to have a quick pint before having to get back on the cruise.

If you visit Bruges

Head to the Market Square (Markt) located in the heart of the city and explore in all directions from there. You will see the city's many canals and it is easy to find a boat ride that will take you around town so you can see the perspective from the water.

If you want to see views of the whole town from above, you can visit the Belfry tower, but be aware there may be a long wait time to get in, as they can only allow so many people in at a time. When we were there in the middle of the afternoon in May, the wait was about 45 minutes so we opted to skip out, but I can imagine the views must be lovely.

In addition to the many chocolatiers, there is also a chocolate museum - Choco Story.

"Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream."

- Jack Kerouac

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